Monday, 11 July 2011


there are spinners available with most interactive whiteboards
for those that don't have these available - and with some benefits from other functionality - here are 3 examples of programmes:

experimenter (NRich 6033)

students could use a pencil and a paper clip to simulate using a spinner

using ICT you can have spinners with various sets of numbers and then add or subtract these

runs are single, in hundreds or 50 000s

one interest might be to compare e.g. experimental outcomes for subtracting numbers on two spinners, one with 5 numbers and the other with 4 and then theoretical probabilities (via a two-way 'outcomes' table)

spinning spinners (Actis)

has a restricted set of options and no speedy trialler

but the visuals are good and it can be left in the background, building up a bar chart

there is one difficult to caculate option (the bottom one) which is interesting...

Interactivate (Shodor) has two spinner programmes available:

adjustable spinner

 this automatically compares an experimental with a theoretical outcome

and experimental probability

which enables dice to be created with different numbers on their faces (only the same on both) as well as different spinners

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