Wednesday, 1 December 2010

free websites I like

These are some of the websites I like. Apologies for missing out some other good ones - I'll collect these together later (for myself at least):
  • 'ptolemy' (Alec Mc Eachran) is a fine site ('primitives' being an excellent way to view an image of numbers - with their factor properties); it has links to Mandelbrot (great zooming in to a Mandelbrot set on Vimeo) and a Utah genetics site, for visualising tiny things (and powers of 10)
  • 'teacherled' (Spencer Riley) has many excellent and very well presented whiteboard resources, leaving teaching - rightly - up to the teacher. Particularly like (most of it but, at the moment): reptiles (fitting 4 similar shapes together to form an enlarged version); shape exploder (making it easy to count the number of cubes in a cuboidal (invented word) solid); dice (roll up to 3 dice, in space (which could get irritating...)); rotating around a point (I like sliders... and this shows a rotation beautifully)   
  • the Primary, national strategy ITPs are good and are easily viewed and used from this index
  • NLVM has a really good collection of virtual manipulatives - saves picking pattern blocks up from the floor
  • pedagoguery software has poly (1.11) as a download which creates foldable nets of polyhedra
  • mathspig (blog) (Kerry Cue) contains a healthy look at maths in the media with applications of maths that are actually interesting (as opposed to functional maths efforts that take some reading and then only evoke yawns)
  • Matt Dunbar's 'estarters downloads' is a fantastic use of Excel (how does he do it?) with quite a few free downloads (including fine demonstrations of Pythagoras)

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